Elmira First Birthday

Hari rabu minggu lalu, tepatnya tanggal 11 November 2015, Elmira berulang tahun yang pertama.

 As her mom I felt so happy yet a little bit dramatic since She is no longer a baby anymore. She's becoming a toddler now. She can angry, she can have a tantrum sometimes, etc. But thank God, she has grown healthy and she's such a cheerful baby, though she's sometimes acts as a picky eater >.<. During her first year we had traveled for three times. She's a kind a moody-less baby, so it's very nice traveling with her.

Elmira, last year I still remember how happy I am when I knew that I am pregnant, during my pregnancy you're such a nice baby, I didnt feel nausea at all, and we also traveled abroad (Singapore and Hongkong)..I hope you enjoyed that too :D. Your mom goes to office as usual by using train aka commuter line, at that time your mum run, jumped, being squeezed inside the train..but your mom can survive :D

Elmira, Bunda and Ayah wish for your health, good manner, intelligence, and joyfulness


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